Unlock your Spirit Self to...

Move Forward to Unknown.

Receive Abundance in Your Life.

Heal Your Emotion and Physical Body.

Intuitively Attune to Your True Self.


About me

The miracle of being born and living here.

When I think of this, everything that appears through my individual body seems so beautiful and sacred.

As an adult, I have come to believe that the intuitive sense, which I have been familiar with since childhood, is actually a very important power to connect with the source of this miracle, the immeasurable potential.

I would like to practice with you to awaken your inner senses and to continue to change and evolve ourselves.

I have been certified as a yoga teacher, hypnotherapist, medical qigong practitioner, and intuitive medical practitioner, and I have also studied and practiced Noguchi Seitai, Pilates, and dance from teachers all over the world.
I have experienced the infinite energy of natural healing power manifesting itself through my own body many times with various painful symptoms, and I have also witnessed it happen to other people.

The path of learning continues. I am working to convey in various ways that everyone is connected to this infinite possibility.


Intuitive Qigong Energy Therapy

As we live our lives, we inevitably create various kinds of blockages and stagnation.

If we don't deal with them immediately, unpleasant physical symptoms will be manifested through our body.


This therapy is based on years of knowledge and is guided by intuition. Basically, it is done without much physical contact or movement, but with touch and gentle stretching as needed. The whole body is relaxed and allowed to flow, with the breathing guidance.

The limitations that we have set in our minds shall be gently and gradually removed, and that will encourage the natural healing power of the body.  The infinite energy that is not caught up in common concepts, is to emerge through the body.

Fee: 6,500 yen for the first time, 5,000 yen for the second and subsequent sessions.

Please bring clothes you can relax in.


Private Yoga

This is an one-on-one session, custom-tailored to your needs.  Following basic movements and breath works, I incorporate some movements that your Energy wants to make.

Fee: 5000yen for 1 hour lesson

・We can practice in Omi, Nagano or I will happily travel to you. My travel fee depends on your location. 

・For more details and bookings contact me here