Unlock your Spirit Self to...

Move Forward to Unknown.

Receive Abundance in Your Life.

Heal Your Emotion and Physical Body.

Intuitively Attune to Your True Self.


About me

I have been on a journey to explore our physical bodies, emotions, minds and spiritual selves through great teachers and my own experiences.  The key to release and free our true self is always right here within us.  Since the day I suddenly experienced the energy realm filled with infinite healing potentials, the certainty of my understandings have become beyond all doubt.  My work is to convey and initiate the healing energy for bringing people back to their original states of being.

Intuitive Qigong Therapeutic Healing

This is a dynamic healing bodywork combined with deep partner stretches, energetic touches/channelings and etc.  I let the universe lead us to bring back client's original flow of energy, loosing or peeling off the hard shell like mind and releasing emotional and sexual built up substances through body touches and stretching muscles. I work with his/her whole body and mind physically and energetically so during/after the session they may feel some pain or dizziness as a result of their true selves coming out to the surface. We have, and we are, an enormous and unlimited natural healing energy.  To use it as it is we just need to feel it, know it and trust it.  

This bodywork also works incredibly to increase your physical motion range.

・8000yen for an 1-hour session.

・Bring your comfortable clothes.

・Sessions mainly take place in Nagano, Japan. I will happily travel to you also. My travel fee depends on your loaction.

・For more details and bookings contact me here


Private Yoga

This is an one-on-one session, custom-tailored to your needs.  Following basic movements and breath works, I incorporate some movements that your Energy wants to make.

・5000yen for 1 hour lesson

・We can practice in Omi, Nagano or I will happily travel to you. My travel fee depends on your location. 

・For more details and bookings contact me here